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This weekend at Belle Terre Library on the Westbank *5550 Belle Terre Road Marrero* we will have an anime/manga fest. The date will be Saturday August 20th from 2-4pm. We will have a demonstraton on how to draw in manga style with local artist Laurie London and a cosplay contest following that.
The winner of the cosplay contest will win a $10 gift certificate from Barnes and Noble. Please call at 349-5910 if you have any questions.

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Cosplay contest? What exciting news!

Holy moly, can I dress up and present in costume? (or.. just dress up afterwards? XD)
However you wish to do this :).

Btw the reason why we are having a cosplay contest on the same day as your presentation is simple-we had to postpone the manga/anime party last month thanks to Dennis.
However if you want to dress up.. please do! Please bring others to this as well. Do you have a ride?
Yes, I have a ride ^^ What time should I come on Sat.? around 1 or earlier?
1pm is fine :).. that'll give you time to set up since the program is at 2pm.

I am looking forward to this :)
What are the rules for the costume contest and what will the devisions be?
We haven't really thought about divisions. Any suggestions?

As for rules, must be family friendly (please!)

Would you like to be a judge of sorts? Should this be popular vote?
Glad you like :)
Almost all contests have roughly 4 divisions:(According to International Costumer's Guild)
Youth: those 12 and under (because nobody can compete against a 4 yr old CCS, except for a 4 yr old Li)
Novice: those have have won less than 3 major craftsmanship awards at any convention
Journeyman: has won less than 3 major prizes as a novice, but fewer than 3 additional major prizes for craftsmanship at a journeyman or equivalent level
Craftsman: any contestant in the group has won 3 or more major prizes at any convention ABOVE novice level

Notes on Divisions:
A major prize is any craftsmanship prize that starts with the words "Best" or "First?. ?Best In Show? awards count as a major prize. Honorable Mentions, 2nd Place, or Judge?s Awards do not.

A Novice entry may opt to register and compete in a higher Division (Journeyman or Craftsman) if they wish. Likewise, Journeymen may opt to register and compete as Craftsman. Those at Craftsman level, however, must compete as such.

Also note that, if you have opted to register and compete in a higher skill Division in the past, and won a major prize in that Division, you are obligated to compete in that Division (or opt even higher!) thereafter.

Craftsmanship is the assessment of the costumer?s skill at making a costume. Any costume that consists mostly of bought items will not be considered for craftsmanship (e.g. buying regular street clothes that require no alterations). Also, if you were not involved in the making of your costume (e.g. you bought your costume from a seamstress), please do not register for craftsmanship judging. If one person in a group made several or all the costumes for same group, only the costume maker is eligible for a craftsmanship award. For Youth Division contestants, it?s perfectly acceptable for a parent/grandparent/guardian to help the Youth in making their costume, but we?d prefer if they are present at judging.

So, does that mean no Lulu from FFX? You might want to have rules about weapons and such since somepeople are brain dead about that stuff even thought it's a library. And throwing stuff, and horsing around.

I've done judging before, but some parties might resent that (not because of the my judging, but because they don't like me). If you're going to do just one massive contest, then popular vote is fine, but remember what I said about the Youth entrants.
thanks for the information, I will pass it on to co workers to see what they think.

Thank you for your advice. :)