goddess1stclass (goddess1stclass) wrote in animemeetup,

finally getting back to things

I don't know how long this will last with school and all, but I feel like i'm finally able to get back into the meetup action. maybe... We'll see.
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Unfortunately, I totally forgot about the Anime Meetup this month because I just had SO many other things going on at the same time. I know it's a lame excuse, but the Anime Meetup's have grown so small (it's only been a 5 to 7 person meetup lately) that I'm not even sure if we'll continue with it just yet. Plus, since the Meetup.com marketing 'crash and burn' idea they had a while back, (Meetup.com has lost thousands of members since they started OVERcharging their members... What a bunch of morons...) we're just not getting the people who want to come out and attend and participate. It's kinda like that small handful of leeches we have at the NAC. For the most part a lot of members want to be involved and participate and help out, but there's that handful that just want to sit around and be noisy and complain and do nothing else. But then again, that can happen with just about any group. Who knows, now that school is back in session, maybe the Anime Meetup's will pick up again...?