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Sorry if this is the wrong place

First off, so sorry I am posting about this now but its been a rather busy few weeks.

Would there be anyone here that can assist in a library program devoted to Anime and Manga on Saturday July 9th at the Belle Terre Library?

This will be a two hour program (sorry, that's all I could get for this) and I was going to talk *or if someone wants to do this-cool with me* about the anime and manga culture. I would also like to touch upon the cosplay aspect of this fandom, so if you are a cosplayer you are more then welcome to appear in costume *family friendly please*.

Belle Terre Library is at 5550 Belle Terre Road in Marrero (the west bank). The time for the program will be 2-4 that day.

Please feel free to contact me at if you can attend. Thanks..
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